“Dubi”, your friend in Dubai.

An interactive tourist guide that accompanies you in WhatsApp on everything that is relevant in Dubai. The normalization agreement with the UAE has led to a wave of Israeli tourists wanting to visit the Emirates most interesting destination – Dubai, estimated at 40,000 tourists a month starting in early 2021. 


However, no effective information tools have yet been developed for the Israeli tourist who is 

visiting there, who can answer all questions, accompany and mark mandatory points and provide useful information. In order to provide and meet the growing Israeli need for information, leading companies from the fields of tourism, telecommunications and software development have joined together to develop “Dubi”. 


A solution that is accessible and efficient for everyone on mobile and gives the Israeli tourist and intereste persons relevant information tailored to their interests. Just like a goodfriend Dubi knows you, saves you time in searching, reading sites, and conversations with various parties – It gives you personalized information, in a Hebrew WhatsApp conversation, in a friendly and accessible language.

How are people going to get to know Dubi?

Dubi's campaign will include a wide number of actions: Dubi is going to gain broad exposure through all conventional marketing measures – network activities, public relations, and advertising campaigns, alongside highlighting and promoting through
tourism companies, travel agencies and other parties through which the tourists arrive to Dubai.

How does it work?

Dubi doesn't require people to download another app. It uses a chat system that we all use on a daily basis – WhatsApp. 


With an advanced ChatBot system upgraded by innovative official developers, Dubi allows you to navigate a fast track of broad questions and categories, or alternatively have a Free Text conversation – during which you ask, and Dubi quickly responds.  


Behind Dubi is an advanced system that constantly clears data from the network and is updated with any changes in 

closing/opening sites, restaurants that have been closed, hotels that have been downgraded, or any other changes that are relevant to the tourist. 


By identifying a location, Dubi answers to the geographical proximity of the tourist automatically: 

all make sure that Dubi's answers are not only fast, but also reliable and relevant to the specific tourist. 


So where do you fit in?

Dubi will become the main tool linking Israelis with Dubai in the upcoming months, yet in order to serve users in the best possible way, Dubi must maintain attractiveness. 


In preparation for the launch, we are bringing together partners who want to reach the Dubai tourist target audience, and are asking you to give an exclusive benefit or a sale offer to Dubi's friends. 


You – get exposure in Dubi, and we – make sure Dubi's friends get the best experience that you can provide to the tourist.